Come Enjoy...
These Highest Blessings & Lowest Rates!

Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods
Presents... The Very Best Wilderness Setting
& The Very Best-Equipped Facility & The Very Best Rates
To Claim Your Very Best Correct Natural Hygiene
Water-Fasting &/or Juice-Dieting Weight-Loss!

VICTORIA EXPLAINS: In 1984, T. C. Fry commissioned me to write The Natural Weight-Loss System. For 2 years, I lived at a Natural Hygiene Health Retreat and witnessed healing miracles ongoing. I interviewed dozens of guests. In 1986, T. C. published the work as a 500-page course presenting 25 lengthy Water-Fasting &/or Juice-Dieting Weight-Loss Stories, with inspiring “BEFORE & AFTER” pictures and dozens of shorter weight-loss stories summarized. We also included 26 Lessons to teach Correct Natural Hygiene to Health Seekers who wanted to drop any eating disordered tendencies and who wanted, instead, to claim a healthy, delightful relationship with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouts as the mainstays of their meals! Below, you can now enjoy "My 10 Favorite 'BEFORE AND AFTER' Pictures!" CLICK ON EACH SET OF PICTURES. LINK TO EACH AMAZING STORY! These will spur you on to come to Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods for your own Nature Cure where you will get you in touch with your own true nature: “BEING EVER HEALTHY & HAPPY WITH HIGH JOY!”

CLICK ON... Vickey Bidwell
75 Pounds Dropped!
CLICK ON... Victor Bidwell
35 Pounds Dropped!
Looking Better at 75 than at 65!

CLICK ON... Candy Chambers
15 Pounds Dropped!

CLICK ON... Debbie Claus
90 Pounds Dropped!

CLICK ON... Chris Rall... 200 Pounds Dropped! Almost to His Goal!

CLICK ON... More Stories...

CLICK ON... Gloria Blaxley
61 Pounds Dropped!
From... "Fat Grandma to Fabulous!"

CLICK ON... Susan Mihaylo
51 Pounds Dropped!
From... "Frumpy to Fit!"

CLICK ON... T. C. Fry
43 Pounds Dropped!
From 206 to 163!

CLICK ON... James Tullis
340 Pounds Dropped!
James' Story Made The National Inquirer!

CLICK ON... Dee Marshall
58 Pounds Dropped!
From... "A Plump Mom to A Grecian Goddess!"

2 Gift Recipe E-Books:
Victoria BidWell’s All-Raw Recipes
& The Senior Canadians’ Vegetarian Recipes
Weight-Loss Enthusiasts
From... Victoria BidWell • Correct Natural Hygiene Educator
1982 • Ph.D. in Natural Hygiene at College of Life Science
2005 • Ph.D. in Natural Hygiene at University of Natural Health
2008 • Ed.D. in Natural Hygiene at City University of Los Angeles

Victoria’s FREE
GetWell Recipes
from The Garden of Eden
The Canadian Seniors’ FREE
Vegetarian Persuasion from The Seniors
at The Canadian Natural Hygiene Society

MEET VICTORIA... Director of Our Hygiene Homestead nestled into The Cascade Mountains of Concrete, Washington, USA who provides Correct Natural Hygiene Education with learn & live assistance to Global Health Seekers...

Correct Natural Hygiene Health Educator who consults with & works with Our 3 Dr. Shelton- Trained Texas Doctors: Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano & Doctors Tosca & Gregory Haag... bestblog4correctnaturalhygiene

Author of Highest-Ever Acclaimed, Do-It-Yourself Hand Book on Natural Hygiene, endorsed by all the top Natural Hygiene Doctors of the 1990s...

"With Susan Schenck" Author of Highest-Ever Acclaimed, Do-It-Yourself Raw Foods Hand Book: The Live Food Factor, with more than 100 archived, electronic newsletters for all Health Seekers who free-subscribe at...

Book Archeologist for & Curator of Largest-Ever Natural Hygiene & Nature Cure Library: "The Health 4 The Billions Library" gifted by Dr. Vetrano to Victoria so that she may carry on their work to... "HELP THE PEOPLE!"

Marketeer of Largest-Ever Amassed Selection of Prized Natural Hygiene Information: 1,000 booklet, book, course, magazine, CD & DVD titles by Dr. Tilden, Dr. Shelton, Our 3 Texas Doctors, T. C. Fry, Victoria & The 1800s’ Pioneers...

Deliverer of Gift Natural Hygiene Information via electronic newsletters with e-book gifts to Global Health Seekers who free-subscribe at...

Weight-Loss Trainer & Author of The Natural Weight-Loss System who serves to inspire Weight-Loss Enthusiasts “To Claim Your Best Weight Once-&-for-All-Times & To Reach Your Highest Joy!” at...

Partner in writing a 600-page, 2016 book with Dr. Vivian Vetrano & Drs. Tosca & Greg Haag that scrapbooks the history of Natural Hygiene & corrects major & minor Dr. Shelton mis-teachings & Raw Food Movement mis-teachings...

Advocate for "Let's Go Back-to-Nature" & "Save The Planet from The Disease Industrialists” who lives happily ever after in the pristine Cascade Mountain beauty with her HighJoy Horse and who hopes to share her 2 Homesteads, education, experience, gratitude & FUN with Health Seekers Everywhere!

Spirit-filled Christian with autobiographical sketch at...

Visit The World’s Only...
“Nature Cure Raw Food Health Retreat”
Where Guests Do Water-Fasting &/or Juice-Dieting
4 Safe, Fast, Permanent & FUN Weight-Loss!
Here... Victoria Teaches Guests How...
  • To Drop the Maximum Amount of Weight Possible while at Our Homestead
  • To Avoid Gaining Even 1 of “The Expected 5 - 10 Pounds” Other Directors Tell Guests To Expect To Gain upon Breaking Water-Fasts or Juice Diets!
  • To Step Up Exercise To Speed Up Metabolism To Get Ready for Resuming The Natural Hygiene Diet at Its Best!
  • To Continue Weight-Loss &/or Maintenance upon Leaving Our Homestead with Fail-Safe Behavior Modifications & Powerful Quantum Level Adjustments
  • To Make Your New Lifestyle SO TOTALLY FUN! FUN! FUN! that Staying on The Natural Hygiene Diet Gets Easier All the Time!
NEXT... Let Us Get a Clear Understanding
of... “Correct Natural Hygiene!”
Correct Natural Hygiene Is...
“The Superlative, Alternative
Health Care System!”
Correct Natural Hygiene Shows You...
#1: How to Remove The Causes of Disease & Overweight,
#2: How to Provide
The Conditions for Health & Reach Your Best Weight,
#3: All — without Drug & Doctor Dependency
& with Self-Responsibility!
The Pioneers called these 10 points... “The Conditions for Health.”
I call them... “The 10 Energy Enhancers.”
If you have been searching for The Ring of Keys
to unlock the gates to The Greenest Pastures
of Superlative Health & to discovering your best weight, let me tell you:
“The Ring is Natural Hygiene.
The Keys are The 10 Energy Enhancers.”
“What Did I Do To Gain Fat & Gain More Fat?”
  1. Uncleanliness — Inside & Out
  2. Impure Air
  3. Impure Water
  4. Inadequate Rest & Sleep
  5. The Standard American Diet of cooked, processed, condimented, chemicalized, spiced, sugared, fatty & junky foods
  6. Wrong Temperatures
  7. Unnatural Light & Lack of Sunshine
  8. Lack of Regular Exercise
  9. Emotional UnBalance, which includes: Addictions, Low Self-esteem, A Purposeless Life & Meaningless Goals
  10. Toxic Relationships
“What Can I Do To Get Well & Then Stay Well?”
  1. Cleanliness — Inside & Out (This is where water-fasting done right comes in!)
  2. Pure Air (This is what you breathe in Concrete, Washington!)
  3. Pure Water (This is where distilled water is the best!)
  4. Adequate Rest & Sleep (This is your main job at Our Hygiene Homestead!)
  5. The Ideal Diet of Sun-Ripened, Live-Foods: Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds & Sprouts (Our Homestead is a RAW FOOD RETREAT!)
  6. Right Temperatures (Concrete boasts mild temperatures year ’round!)
  7. Natural Light & Sun Baths (3 Seasons in Concrete are super-sunny!)
  8. Regular Exercise (Concrete is made for Nature Cure Exercises!)
  9. Emotional Balance, which includes: Freedom from Addictions, High Self-esteem,
    A Purposeful Life & Meaningful Goals
  10. Nurturing Relationships (ENERGY ENHANCERS 9 & 10 are personal goals to seek & develop here in Concrete when a Health Seeker takes The Nature Cure with me & makes best use of his or her own resources & Our Homestead Library!)

    Ohio’s Dr. Tilden from His
Health Epigrams Penned in 1926:
“Men and women want grand health! That is, just so long as it does not cost too much in personal effort, does not require too much in private sacrifice, and does not demand too much in the relinquishing of too many (and preferably, not even one) of their cherished indulgences!”

Seriously, there will have to be some “relinquishing.”
But not why look at it as... “trading off bad habits
for good habits that make your life WAY MORE FUN!”?
than watching your weight go down an average of a pound a
day while you sleep till noon, take naps all day, laze around,
get a massage, do a little stretching, take a sunbath, and
read and study up on how to keep every dropped pound off?
Seriously, what could be more marvelous than watching
all other disease processes in your body halt their
progression and reverse toward better and better health?
In Concrete, Weight-Loss Enthusiasts will get to do all those health-
enhancing activities given up while they were just not paying attention and
living out The 10 Energy Robbers. And they will get inspired to stop all
those Energy Robber habits that were slowly turning themselves
into The Old Gray Stallion or The Old Gray Mare!

It is my God-given calling to expose the shortcomings of...
“The Medical Mentality at Its Very Worst!”
— and —
It is my 24•7•365 job to offer the beauties of...
“Natural Hygiene at Its Very Best!”

1... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY holds that a person can appear “perfectly healthy” one day and then be mysteriously, inexplicably stricken with a dreaded disease overnight! The words “baffling” and “mysterious” are favored when doctors explain why the patient is ill and cause is unknown.
2... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY supports a firm belief in “The Germ Theory” to explain the causes of many diseases as originally proposed by Louis Pasteur: disease is caused by microorganisms or viruses foreign to the body, which they invade and use as a host; and the cure of germ-inspired disease is always a laboratory-inspired antidote.
3... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY holds that 10,000+ known, named, categorized diseases exist and that each disease has its own cause or causes, known or unknown. Years of scientists’ time and billions of Americans’ dollars are spent annually, searching for external, mysterious causes of diseases and their antidotes.
4... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY views “disease” as a warfare process, as an enemy which “invades or attacks the body” and, therefore, as something which must be fought off and defeated: the symptoms must be palliated or suppressed; the body must be “treated” with doctor-prescribed drugs, treatment or therapy or surgery to force the disease to submission and to cure the patient, even if it kills him.
5... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY views illness as a genetic flaw, a wear-and-tear process, or a germ invasion to be expected as the years advance. Doctors hopelessly and cold-heartedly state: “You will just have to learn to live with it!” (“it” meaning “the pain and degeneration”) if standard medical treatment cannot cure the patient.
6... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY is not interested in promoting dietary nutrition as an integral part of getting well or staying well, although it may make minor concessions such as recommending a reduction in dietary salt or the adoption of a weight-loss program. The prevailing, pessimistic attitude among doctors, however, is that even if there were something to this “dietary nutrition,” people would not change their eating habits, anyway. At its worst, The Medical Mentality holds no faith in people to change: A sense of hopelessness in the minds of doctors and patients alike prevails.
7... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY looks at the practice of fasting to be synonymous with starvation; and fasting is, therefore, viewed as a form of dangerous extremism.
8... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY refuses to acknowledge the evidence that any of the many alternative health care systems have any validity, whatsoever. It does this in the face of vast amounts of ever-increasing evidence and carefully kept records and astoundingly successful case histories! Any improvement on the part of individuals under alternative health care systems is attributed to chance or to “spontaneous remission” or to other causes. Such improvements are branded as “dangerous in the long run,” regardless of how much the person has improved.
9... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY encourages both a belief in and a dependence upon the medical/pharmaceutical complex as the final authority on all health questions and as the only real source of knowledge and power that leads to individual health. Conformity to Establishment Thinking and The Medical Mentality are systematically and relentlessly conditioned and brainwashed into the minds of The People, from birth unto death, through both subtle cues and by means of open intimidation. These tactics have all the trappings of a cult. Absolutely everybody is expected to have a family doctor.
10... Under THE MEDICAL MENTALITY, the patient subjects himself or herself and loved ones to continued medical treatment, disregarding the all-too-often reality: they only get worse as the medical treatment continues. Furthermore, because the patient has been successfully indoctrinated by The Medical-Cult Mentality, they have no desire to search for a workable, alternative health care system and no impetus whatsoever to learn how to take personal responsibility for their health.

1... NATURAL HYGIENE holds that health is the normal state of all living organisms and that health is maintained through the body's Great Life Force and its natural, self-initiating, self-healing processes!
2... Barring the genetic factor and wear-and-tear factors, NATURAL HYGIENE holds that the one cause of all disease is the toxic saturation at the cellular level of the bodily tissues, blood stream, and fluids brought on by the depletion of Nerve Energy through toxic living habits. This self-poisoned state is termed: “Toxemia” or “Auto-Intoxication” or “Toxicosis.”
3... NATURAL HYGIENE views “disease” as orderly, backward degenerations at the cellular level and fluid levels as a result of Toxemia. In order to prevent these retrograde changes and to forestall degenerative changes in the actual structure and consequent function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems for as long as possible, the body isolates and/or stores abnormal accumulations of metabolic waste and ingested poisons. Ill-health results. Providing Nerve Energy is sufficient, the body will act to eliminate these wastes and poisons. Such bodily-conducted actions of elimination (also called “excretion”) may be called “disease” (acute); but these actions actually serve to prevent further, degenerative, long-term, and irreversible changes (chronic).
4... Excluding genetic factors and obvious wear-and-tear factors and because Toxemia is “The One Cause of All Disease,” NATURAL HYGIENE refutes the concept that microorganisms — also called “germs” or “viruses” — are the sole, causative factors of disease in virtually all cases where these microorganisms are present in diseased tissues.
5... Because only the body is capable of instituting eliminating, cleansing, healing, renewing processes, NATURAL HYGIENE rejects the ingestion of any substances which the body cannot metabolize and assimilate and which therefore cannot be used in normal, metabolic processes or for appropriation to create and sustain bodily tissues and fluids. Such unnatural substances can only further poison and then further enervate the body and are not to be considered as “food” or “nutrition,” in any way. Both medication and “quasi-food” substances typical of the refined, chemicalized, processed Standard American Diet (SAD) are included in this poisoning category and are not only health-threatening, but also life-threatening.
6... NATURAL HYGIENE recommends the following as “The Ideal Diet” and, therefore, as the best foods fit for the highest level of human health and well-being: whole, raw, fresh and/or dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and sprouts prepared in proper combination and eaten in moderation and when one is in a state of Emotional Balance. Those Health Seekers on a Transitional Natural Hygiene Diet take 10% to 20% of their foods cooked conservatively.
7... NATURAL HYGIENE advocates fasting on water-only for virtually all Health Seekers who want to get well and when no contraindications for fasting on water-only exist. Fasting provides physical, physiological, sensory, mental, and emotional rest. This deep and almost total rest provides the body with the ideal conditions that are necessary for the regeneration of Nerve Energy and that are mandatory for the elimination of toxins, cellular repairs, balancing of body chemistry, and fullest restoration of health possible.
8... NATURAL HYGIENE maintains that health is the personal responsibility of each individual and that God-given health, happiness, and Hygiene Joy are achieved only by the most conscientious and daily application of The 10 Energy Enhancers!
“The Old Gray Mare,
She Ain’t What She Used to Be...
Many Long Years Ago!”
Questions that Reflect The Descent into Disease:

What % of your energy remains with you today that you had at the highlight of the very best days of your life? Is the % so low that it greatly concerns you?

Realistically, do you think it possible to recapture much of the lost energy of your youth? That is, do you have any belief or hope you could even get re-energized, re-invigorated, re-cycled? Or are you thinking this: “The best is over. It’s all just downhill from here on in.”

Is your sleep troubled and fitful? Are you a full-blown insomniac? Are your dreams so disturbing it is like going to horror movies all night long? Do you dread going to bed?

Do you get out of bed in the morning — WITH A BOUNCE? Is your life so rich with beloved people to nurture, wonderful animals big or small to caretake, challenges to meet, projects to complete, visions to make manifest, and fun to be had — that you are absolutely chomping at the bit, hot to trot, to GO... GO... GO... as your day begins?

Does your mind get sharper and quicker with each passing year?

Can you still take a stand for yourself and outwit the bad guys and be a force for good whenever you need to?

Do you still have what it takes to spend the energy and put in a few punches for whatever you believe in throughout your day?

Do you have 1 or more mild or full-blown addictions ruling your life? If deep into addiction, have you analyzed what void you are trying to fill with these time-consuming, energy-draining, obsessive-compulsive pursuits?

Do you maintain a good weight? Are you slowly gaining over the years? Do you go up and down? Are you getting scary skinny? TOO BIG TO MOVE?

Are you strong? Can you lift what you need to when you need to? Can you move with pleasant flexibility? Do you get winded? When was the last time you worked up a sustained sweat for your aerobic fitness? Did some stretching exercises for flexibility? Did some resistance training for your strength?

Are you good and confused by all the conflicting information out there about what to eat and about how to go about getting well?

Do you resent paying for doctors and their answers while you only get worse on their advice, prescriptions, surgeries, and treatments?

How many medications are you on? Are they helping you feel better — or do you suspect that you are slowly poisoning yourself with these medications into even more disease and possibly even an early death?

Are you spending so much money on worthless, dangerous, or obviously ineffective, conventional medical treatments/doctors that the expenses are breaking your spirit and your bank account?

Have you been searching for very long for the very best way to get well and stay well? Has your searching been leading to dead ends?


Are you presently so tired and so disinclined to even move about, with so little zest for life, that you are beginning to suspect you harbor a subconscious death wish about to be fulfilled?

Are the things of this Earth beginning to grow strangely dim?

You will get off The Wrong Track entirely when you reject
“The Medical Mentality at Its Very Worst.”

You will get on The Right Track totally when you search
for answers in the maze of alternative health care systems that are based on The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life.

At this website, however, you are not just... “on The Right Track.”
You are on...
“The Best & The Fastest Water-Fasting & /or Juice-Dieting Track!”
Here you find all the answers and all the case histories you need
to inspire you to get well (at your best weight)
and then stay well (at your best weight)

In Other Words...

Every website offering an alternative health care answer to what ails you goes on and on with a dreary, miserable list something like the above. But only Correct Natural Hygiene will give you the superlative solution to reverse what ails you, to get your best weight, and to get you... “AS GOOD AS IT GETS!” That is, of course, provided you have not yet reached The Deathbed, Pathological Point of No Return. And chances are, you have not. Or you would not even be able to sit upright at your computer right now! The only downside to your getting well, therefore, is a matter of timing. Obviously, it is better to start The 10 Energy Enhancers while in acute, quickly reversible stages of disease than in chronic, degenerative stages of disease. The body’s healing powers do have limits. The upside, however, is this: If you are only in acute disease, your recovery can be rapid and complete; and if you are not too deep, deep into chronic, degenerative disease, you can at least stop the disease progression and quite possibly turn around nearly completely or make such improvements that you will be thrilled! Natural Hygiene practiced at its very best is, indeed, THRILLING — especially compared to what the medical world at its very worst has to offer!

SO — YOU MADE IT! YOU WIN! YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST OF THE BEST! Now, let’s get you turned around and see how fast and how much of The Old Gray Mare or The Old Gray Stallion we can throw off! First, let’s get educated! JUST CLICK... on over to the link below. Read “Our Very Best Foundational Bedrock Teachings.” Here are 400 hours of my original lessons that went into The Live Food Factor: they now serve as your very best booklet overview introduction to Correct Natural Hygiene:
Are You “A Good Candidate” to Come

OUR HYGIENE HOMESTEAD is for Health Seekers and Water-Fasting &/or Juice-Dieting Weight-Loss Enthusiasts fitting these 4 requirements:
#1 — The Health Seeker is mobile, and The Health Seeker is not terribly ill.
#2 — The Health Seeker neither needs nor wants to pay for the services of a pricey clinic with many doctors who take an Integrative Medicine Approach and require all kinds of tests and equipment.
#3 — The Health Seeker is not terribly rich and does not want to go into terrible debt to take a water-fast and/or juice-diet at a high-priced clinic.
#4 — After reading this website and “My Favorite Top 10 Stories from The Natural Weight-Loss System” and “Our Guests’ Best Stories” in “Document #5” at, The Health Seeker is fully confident to take a water-fast and/or juice-diet visit at OUR HYGIENE HOMESTEAD with my Correct Natural Hygiene Approach and assistance.

TO SUMMARIZE: OUR HYGIENE HOMESTEAD gives Health Seekers and Weight-Loss Enthusiasts a Correct Natural Hygiene alternative in a back-to-nature, cozy and comfy down-home, fresh-air mountain setting! Our Hygiene Homestead Guests need only be “Good Candidates” to come! That is... They must be able to move around on their own, and they cannot be terribly ill. They do not want an Integrative Medicine Approach, but they do want a Correct Natural Hygiene Approach. They do not want to pay the going rates of $1,000 a week or more, and they do want my “lowest-anywhere” rates.

Needless to say: Those “terribly ill” need a hospital facility. The question is "Are you terribly ill?" Recently, a GetWell Friend with whom I had lost contact for many years called me. She had not kept up with me and did not know I had opened OUR HYGIENE HOMESTEAD IN THE WOODS in 2008. And, she had just finished paying $24,000 for a 24-week stint during 2 years and for 3 visits. She dropped 150 pounds while water-fasting or juice-dieting. I congratulated her on this wonderful weight-loss. Her costs at OUR HYGIENE HOMESTEAD for 24 weeks, however, would have been well under half that amount. And she would not have been hold up in a clinic environment in the middle of a city. She assured me she would not drop out of touch with me again!

    • Personalized help on how to best live The 10 Energy Enhancers to meet your Highest Health Potential
    • Secular counseling on health & happiness, when requested
    • Endless high joy experiences for a supremely positive attitude adjustment, when requested
    • Scripturally correct counseling on health & happiness, when requested
  • Your special needs discussed with Victoria & special rates set according to your needs
  • A double-gated, 6' - 8' high, solid cedar fence enclosing our “complete rest” nature-haven
  • The perfect setting to take yourself on The Correct Hygiene Fast with Victoria’s assistance
  • Victoria’s input from Our 3 Texas Doctors: Dr. Vetrano, Dr. Tosca & Dr. Gregory Haag
  • The GetWell★StayWell, America! Bookstore up The River at The HighJoy Homestead
  • The small, private “Howling Wolves’ Den” bedroom looking into woods & with an electric-flame fireplace
  • The large, private “Eagle’s Nest” bedroom with a big electric-flame fireplace
  • The huge, shared & takes-2 “Critters’ Forest” bedroom upstairs with a single bed & a double bed
  • “The Bear Cave” 8' x 12' rustic bedroom facing the woods, an outdoor campfire & 3 bear statues
  • “Goldilock’s beds” with memory-foam topper mattresses: not too hard & not too soft — but all just right!
  • All bedrooms with heavy, thick curtains if you want the rooms darkened all day — for Rest & Sleep Healing!
  • Sleeping til noon & taking naps throughout the day — without being awakened by anyone for anything!
  • Unlimited, long-distance land phones to use anywhere in The States & Canada
  • DSL Internet & & Wi-Fi access that works all over our 1/2-acre haven to use with your laptop computers
  • DVD players in all bedrooms to view the many alternative health documentaries & Natural Hygiene videos
  • Audio tape & compact disc players both, at every bedside for listening to Natural Hygiene Greats’ lectures
  • Selected Hollywood movies with Natural Hygiene messages to inspire you to do The 10 Energy Enhancers
  • No local junk TV to babysit or distract you or otherwise intrude upon our wilderness sanctuary setting
  • No cable & no satellite TV going all day & night to divert attention away from your resting & healing
  • Our Homestead Library building with 2,000+ individual book/magazine/cassette/VHS/CD/DVD titles
  • The Dr. Vetrano Library of 1,000 original, antique books from The Old Time Pioneers in Natural Hygiene
  • All surfaces & windows throughout Our Homestead restored or replaced: Cleanliness everywhere!
  • An old-fashioned, metal & enameled, deep bathtub for Cleanliness & deep warm-water relaxation
  • Friendly electric-flame fireplace-heaters in both The Homestead Library & The Homestead living room
  • A covered, carpeted wilderness back deck with comfy couches, pillows, blankets & stools
  • A back deck friendly, electric pot-belly stove, with crackling logs & “a grand flickering flames light show!”
  • 2 life-sized, howling wolf statues, carved in wood, on the back deck for simulated critter company
  • Back deck dining spots for communing with nature while enjoying live food & a desk for fresh-air use
  • Victoria’s optional, feels-good massages while you totally relax on a professional table with 3" deep foam
  • A massage lounge recliner in the living room for mild, passive, lymphatic exercise & pleasant relaxation
  • Large & standard-sized BodySlants for antigravity relaxation & gentle head-down & heels-up exercise
  • The Needak rebounder mini-trampoline for more anti-gravity exercise
  • An adult-sized tricycle with a basket on the behind for carrying picnic lunches & for bringing home treasures
  • Ground mats for fresh-air, out-of-doors stretching exercises
  • A set of free-weights for mild muscle-toning after your fast
  • A long driveway on the fenced premises for strolling &/or slow walking or mild jogging exercises
  • Peace & quiet to enjoy — from morning until night — with rural community life & nature sounds only
  • A bird-watching haven for feathered friends who, April - August, fly in & out all day to tend their babies
  • Binoculars to watch the bird show and spy on the squirrels and any other visitors, like our raccoons
  • A grassy, mossy, user-friendly 1/2-acre lawn for bare-footing & really getting “in touch” with nature
  • Sturdy, lays-back lawn lounges with comfy cushions for relaxing & sunbathing on the grounds’ lawns
  • A seats-8, marble-topped picnic table occupied by an armadillo named “Shelton” & a turtle named “T.C.”
  • A huge Dances with Wolves-sized open & live-flame campfire pit to seat several or just 1
  • Mild Cascade Mountain temperatures: no wet & sticky humidity, seldom too hot & hardly ever too cold!
  • Nature’s full glory displayed in Our Homestead’s 1/2-acre with tall evergreens & lush maple tree greenery
  • A user-friendly 1/2 acre with no flesh-eating insects & no poisonous snakes found in Western Washington
  • Fresh, pure, invigorating air: non-stop oxygenation by greenery from surrounding mountains & meadows
  • Starry, starry skies on the cloudless, clear nights — just like back in the day before they had electricity
  • A stunning wilderness sky backdrop to watch the waxing or waning moon journey across the night sky
  • Backwoods local color on community roads & woodsy trails just outside the gates — for walking exercise
  • Endless exercise adventures in nearby National Parks & Forests & State Parks — minutes away by auto
  • Year-round hiking & summer swimming in small, warm, pristine lakes — just driving-minutes away
  • The sawed-off “Bronco Buckboard” for open-air, warm-weather travel on wilderness outings & picnics
  • The elegant “Black Beauty” PT Cruiser for short or long-distance excursions
  • The largest Bald Eagle Sanctuary in our continental America — Eagles soaring high to amaze you!
  • Small herds of elk — roaming off their sanctuary grounds in the Concrete area — curious to watch you!
  • DEER — stepping from thickets near to our roads or seen in our grassland meadows to remind you:
We enjoy so much more! But you get the idea!
We are Back-to-Nature in Concrete Heaven up here!
Come Enjoy... These Highest Blessings & Lowest Rates
at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods!
So much has been given to me over the years that
I want to give back with “MERCIFUL RATES”
for Health Seekers whenever I can.

A Few Have Actually Been Suspicious of Me & My Low Rates!
So, You May Very Well Ask: “Why ARE Your Rates So Low?”

The answer to this question would tell the story of my entire life! Let me link you to 2 spots at... Go to “Document #2” and to pages 10 - 16.
#1 — On Page 16 of “Document #2,” you may appreciate my 12-point answer to: “Why Are Your Rates So Low?” You will understand how my brain is wired to... “HELP THE PEOPLE!” This “low rates mentality” I got from my father Victor Bidwell who got it from living through his youth during The Great Depression when his heart went out to The People in need! That was “Point #1.” But 11 more points follow.

  Our HighJoy Homestead Headquarters
for GetWell★StayWell, America!
The Wilderness Woman
& The HighJoy Horse!
#2 — You may appreciate the story of how I acquired Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods and Our HighJoy Homestead Headquarters for GetWell★StayWell, America! In 2002, a Christian husband-and-wife team gave me a ½-acre property to use for my offices and a paddock for High and funds to fix them both up while I acquired a ½-acre property of my own to fix up and use for Our Hygiene Homestead Guesthouse. All who read my story do understand that my work is “A God Thing” and that I am simply striving to glorify God!

MY PHONE: ( 3 6 0 ) 8 5 3 – 7 0 4 8

My Standard Rate is $500 a week. But I also have...
Pitch-In-Prices, Missionary Rates, Group Rates,
Barter Rates, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bed) Rates,
Long Distance Traveler’s Rates,
“Whatever Moves Me Forward” Rates!
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